Please help (just a little)

My training for the MS ride in May was postponed due to a month of feeling crappy. I am so ready to feel well and start riding and stretching and being well. I think my “Perfect Health” shirt is really going to help!

I think my parents and sister and some other friends might have missed my fundraising post because I noticed that they have not donated to my ride yet. 😉 You can click HERE to see the original post but here is a quick recap:

In registering for the MS ride, I had to fill out a fundraising page (where I will direct you to later in this post). One of the preformatted headings is “Why I ride”. I have been thinking about this for some time and the answer is simple. I ride because I can. Things may be different tomorrow, but today, I can ride and so I will. When I have thought about exercise in the past, I always think…”I HAVE to work out tomorrow” (or I will get a big butt!) or “I NEED to work out tonight” (or I will be really grumpy or stressed out) but to keep things simple this time around in my new commitment to exercise, I will just do it because I CAN.

So what CAN you do? You can join the team and ride with us on Martha’s Vineyard or join a bike or walking team in your community. You CAN support my team by going to MyFundraisingPage and pledge $$$$.

I know you have heard it before but anything you can give will make a difference. If everyone that sees this site donates $5.00 a piece, I will go way over my goal! It is so easy to donate through MyFundraisingPage

In fact, just to make things interesting, I will match your $5.00. For everyone that donates, $5.00 or more, I will donate $5.00 up to $250.00. Once you make your pledge, leave me a comment or email me and say “Match that”. I will match $5.00 each for the first 50 people that donate. So far I have had two donations so that leaves another 48 that I will match $5.00.

Inspire me by donating and let me inspire you by riding!!


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