101 Update

I have been meaning to update my 1001 in 101 list for months now. I have been neglecting the list a bit but here is what I have accomplished so far.

2. Make black bean brownies
4. Read one book a month not related to MS or health
5. Practice Yoga on a Beach
6. Speak at MS Event or Seminar
7. Save $3.00 per day in addition to regular savings
10. Build a new deck and fence (not yet but this Spring, a new fence goes up!)
15. Invisilign – my new dentist says this will not be good for me
17. Drink Cava on the Mexican Coast
19. Send a note of gratitude to 25 people who have made my life better (I have sent two)
20. Ride at least 30 miles in an MS ride (in training for 100k)
22. Take Bailey on three mom/daughter weekends (we have done at least one)
36. Be makeup free for five consecutive days
38. Buy Sex and the City Box Set
44. Buy a web cam with new computer to talk with friends and family
49. workout with a trainer for three consecutive months
50. Consult an Ayurvedic Practitioner
59. Download a movie or TV show to Ipod
63. Sell something on ebay
74. Find a Tailor
85. Institute monthly date night
88.. Buy new art
93. Take Bailey to see her friends in NH

Here is the whole list: 101


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