Avonex users rejoice

I am currently on Tysabri but was taking Avonex for eight months. When I first saw the
23 gauge, 1¼ inch needle that came with the Avonex pre-filled syringes, I was really scared about the impact that big fat needle would have. Luckily, on recommendation from a good friend, MS patient and Biogen Idec employee and confirmation from my neurologist, I found out that I didn’t need to use the needles supplied with the drug. Instead, I ordered a box of 100 30 gauge, 1 inch needles. They are shorter and skinnier and really helped with my injections.

I didn’t think to share this information sooner but I recently had a conversation with an MS patient taking Avonex with the supplied needle. I have at least 50 needles left and am going to give them to her for a test drive. I ordered mine from a local grocery store pharmacy and they are cheap!

Ask your Neuroligist about 30 gauge 1 inch needles. Let me know if you make the switch and if it was a positive change.


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