Preparing for Battle

MS waits until your defenses are down. If you are sick, or stressed or in someway, you are not ready for a fight, MS strikes. After being sick in January, I had a relapse which included vertigo, fatigue and a little bit of weakness. I tried to fight it on my own but ended up with Solumedrol as a last resort to fight back.

Now, almost three weeks later, I am preparing for the next battle. I don’t know when it will be, but I know that the stronger I am, the more unlikely it is that MS will attack. I let my guard down over the holidays which contributed to my latest relapse and I plan to take drastic measures to be sure that I do not have to rely on Solumedrol in the future.

The simple decisions I make every day, like what time to get up, what to eat, how much to exercise, who to spend time with, how hard to work, what supplements to take, and what time to go to bed are all instrumental in building strength and preparing for battle. Sometimes I don’t make the best decisions because I don’t think about how important they are.

I am thinking about it now.


3 responses to “Preparing for Battle

  1. I’m glad that you are coming back and preparing for future battles. I also am experiencing a relapse, the first one significant enough in 2 years to require Solumedrol. This one crept up such that I didn’t even realize just how numb and weak I had become until I could actually stand out of a chair without pushing/pulling on Day 5 of IVSM. Now the numbness and sensations are in flux (and driving me crazy) as I taper down with Decadron.

    This being the fourth round over the years, I hope once more not to have to resort to steroids any time in the near future. Powerful stuff but very icky.

  2. Hi CC
    Sorry to hear about the relapse.

    I am so exactly in the same boat as you are, though.

    I’m on the new oral trial drug (FTY720) and just had a relapse that I had to treat with solu-medrol.
    Unfortunately, I think there was something wrong with the meds, because I hardly had any reaction whatsoever. Not even any ‘roid rage, nothing.
    Now of course I’m thinking that it hasn’t stopped the relapse properly. And I can’t take another dose a mere two weeks later, even if I suspect it wasn’t the proper strength.
    So now I am doing all I can to do battle, as you put it.
    I am also making the decisions.
    (Didn’t have that chocolate today, even though I could have really done with it 🙂
    Good luck to you and here’s hoping we lick this thing!

  3. It is so cool that you are now even more “hyper aware” of how important it is to fuel your body with the proper defenses. If you can give your body the tools it needs to fight, it will work in a magnificent way. You know from all the positive reading you are doing that the body is designed to heal itself. I am not suggesting you can cure yourself, but if your body get proper nourishment from good rest, nutritious food, deep breathing of the air, plenty of water, spititual nourishment for the mind and body with your yoga and exercise well then I want you to think about this: It won’t be you battling the MS, it will be the MS battling your body, trying to thrive in an environment that makes it difficult to do so. That’s POWER! Love you – SILLY

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