One week

One week from today I will be on Martha’s Vineyard about halfway through my 100 kilometer ride to raise funds for MS research and programs through the NMSS. As promised, I am going to donate $5.00 for each person that has donated to my ride. So far, I have had thirty donations totaling $1510.00!! I will be adding $150.00 to the fund or more if more donations come in this week.

I have been working out to get in shape for this ride. Mark and I riding 30+ miles tomorrow!

I cannot wait to….
Go on a trip with Mark and Bailey
See my East Coast Friends and Family
Have dinner with my Father in Law
Cry when I see my Mother in Law for the first time in a year
Meet new people active in the MS community
Celebrate with all the members of Team TLC
Have a glass of Cava on the Ferry
Eat Oysters, Lobster & Shrimp
Dip my toes in the ocean
Come home and share my great experience and pictures with my parents.

Thank you so much (all of you) for your overwhelming support by…
contributing to MS Ride the Vineyard
driving me to Tysabri Appointments
listening to my fears and struggles
moving me past my fears and struggles
eating meat free dinners
riding with me
starting a bike team for me
calling me from overseas
raising money at your work
raising money at your school
sending me great articles
educating me
fighting with me
loving me.


One response to “One week

  1. hehe i cant wait either 🙂 6 days 🙂

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