The Ride

My trip to Martha’s Vineyard was amazing. I got to do everything I planned except for dipping my toes in the ocean. It was one of the coldest rainiest “Ride the Vineyard” weekends ever. The bad weather did not dampen my spirits because the Energy of Team TLC kept me really motivated. Until this ride, I have never been on my bike for more than forty miles (really thirty-eight but I like to round up sometimes). With my team, I finished a one hundred kilometers, sixty-two miles, in the rain and wind.

There were plenty of opportunities to cut the course, or find a ride to the finish but nothing was going to stop me from finishing. My hips tried to stop me. My quads tried to stop me. My neck tried to stop me. Even my mind starting asking questions after about fifty miles. “How Long?” “How much further?” “Are we close?” “Why does an island have so many damn hills?”

Finishing the ride was really overwhelming and I get a little teary writing about it now. It was such a great feeling to finish with my team and to see the pride in Mark’s eyes. Bailey and my mother-in law were waiting at the finish with a big hug. I was tired, and I was sore but more than that, I was overjoyed with all of the support that I had from my friends and family through the ride on Martha’s Vineyard and in my everyday MS ride.


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