Do I have MS???

Of course I have MS. I know that and if I didn’t know, all I would have to do is look at my recent MRIs. They scream, “You have MS”. I am way past the denial phase but lately, I don’t feel like I have MS. Typically, even if I am not having a relapse, I have some daily reminder from my body that I have MS. It might be a little tingle, numbness, fatigue, or even some imbalance. Right now, I have no reminders. NONE.

I am two days away from my next Tysabri infusion (#13) and I feel great. I think it is been about two weeks now that I have felt this way so I have to ask myself what’s different.

#1 It’s hotter! Temps are reaching the low 100’s here in Utah. The heat does not bother me like it did last Summer.

#2 I started exercising regularly. I am walking or doing yoga or Pilates at least six days a week and have been for almost three weeks.

#3 I am on day nine with no alcoholic beverages, not even a glass of wine with dinner.

#4 I am day four of no sugar except for fruit. (This has been tough!)

At my 12 month Tysabri visit, the only weakness I showed was in my fingers and toes. I never noticed the weakness. (when was the last time you tried to use your toe strength?)

The PA that did my neuro exam says that if it weren’t for my MRIs and prior history that she couldn’t tell that I even had MS. (I took that as a compliment) The only real concern right now is my new, or not so new spinal cord lesion. We still can’t know for sure if it appeared before or after I started Tysabri. It is not causing any symptoms and until it does, there isn’t much to do about it but I am watching it.

The bottom line is that I feel great and am going to use this time to get as lean and mean as possible so when MS starts to come around, it will be to scared to fight!


3 responses to “Do I have MS???

  1. Hi Courtney

    It’s great that you are feeling so well on Tysabri! I hope it just keeps improving and that MS will be reduced to nothing but a bad memory for you.
    Keep up the good work with the diet/ exercise etc.

  2. Denver Refashionista

    I feel much the same. At times I almost can’t believe I have MS. Today I feel great. There are moments of vertigo and fatigue that remind me but I have a hrad time thinking of myself as anything but healthy.
    I too have quit the alcohol. I eat well and do yoga every day. I just started acupuncture. it rocked! I am so glad you are feeling good too.

  3. You know, when I was a kid running about the desert scrub in Sandy City, UT … that 100+ summer heat almost never registered. Now, man, I cannot tolerate it much over 80!

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