Looking good (on the inside)

Last week I had a visit with my internist. I went in to review blood work that I had requested the month before. At a routine visit I asked that we test B-12, Vitamin D, Celiac disease, thyroid, liver, and anything else he could think of. Because my doctor knows my history and understands that I lead my health care team, he agreed without question.

So here comes the good part. Aside from being low in the B-12, Vitamin D and thyroid area, I am a rockstar everywhere else.

My heart is in great shape, kidneys are no problem and the overall metabolic panel looked good. I don’t have Celiac Disease. I am so glad because even though giving up meat was not a problem for me, giving up bread…could be devastating.

If you have been reading this blog for more than a year, you know that since I started Rebif and moved to Avonex, my liver levels have been really high. When I was taking interferons, it was always really upsetting for me to not only feel like shit but find out that my liver was getting worse each month. When I switched to Tysabri, my liver slowly started to look better. Today, for the first time in more than two years, my liver levels are PERFECT. Yep, perfect. It is really satisfying to know that not only do I feel well, I AM well.

In an effort to get ALL of my blood work closer to perfect, I am moving my B-12 injections to every week instead of every other week. I am in search of Vitamin D-2, although I think it may only be by prescription and I am taking Kelp supplements to boost my thyroid action. I have taken thyroid meds in the past but because I am not dangerously low, I want to try the natural approach.

I know that Tysabri has had an impact on these blood test results. I know that my diet/exercise/vitamin/herb plan has had an impact.

While I wasn’t sure at first, I now know that I do know what is best for me. I know what treatment is best, I know what diet is best and more importantly, I know that what I know may change, and that is ok.


3 responses to “Looking good (on the inside)

  1. Denver Refashionista

    Sweet. My tests all came back fine too. I have been going to acupuncture and he has been working on my liver as well. I am already much better on that front and my liver panel came back normal. He has also done a great job treating my female issues so I’m super stoked on that.

  2. Denver Refashionista

    Oh, I am currently but slowly reading “Anatomy of the Spirit.” It is very interesting.

  3. Great going! Especially with the liver. Viva la Tysabri!!

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