15 Down

I had my 15th Tysabri Infusion yesterday. Everything went well although I did go to bed at 6:30 last night and woke up this morning with a slight headache. It is almost 7am and the headache is gone! Typically, after an infusion, I feel like I have been gone for a few days and have to “get back into the swing of things”.

I woke up at my new 5:30ish wake up time and decided not to work out this morning. I will be ready by this evening but decided to take it easy for now. My diet is typically way off on Tysabri day. I always bring sweets to my infusion like caramels or cinnamon candies. I don’t crave them but they take the edge off a bit. By mid-infusion, I crave salty foods. Yesterday when I got home, I ate chips and salsa and a small bowl of noodles and butter and went to bed. This is way off from my usual diet.

I noticed another Tysabri patient yesterday eating “Dots”. He didn’t look like the kind of guy that carried candy around and I laughed a bit about it. He said he usually brings sweets to treat himself for having the treatment. I never thought about it that way. For me, it is typically a distraction. In any case, I am right back on track today with nice clean meals and ready for another great month.


One response to “15 Down

  1. Denver Refashionista

    Sounds like things are going great.

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