The Way I Pray

I mentioned in my last post that the past few months have been “up and down”. This was clearly explained in my neuro visit today. I have a tiny area of active MS showing up in the MRI of my brain. Tiny enough that, with my neurologist, I decided not to do a steriod treatment. I know that this is manageable without drug treatment. The great news is that my spinal cord lesion is stable and shows no changes from my last series of MRIs. Also, my actual neuro exam was great. So what do I need to do to stay well?

1. Stay on Tysabri – it is working for me.
2. Cut Dairy again and really dial in my diet.
3. Simplify things at work. Work smarter not harder.
4. Find my yoga.

My yoga practice has been so inconsistent lately and I need it, in some form, every day. It was an integral part of my healing and coping process when I was first diagnosed but I let it slip away a bit. I started working out striving for more cardio and strength training but needed to keep yoga as my first line of defense. I didn’t fully understand why until last week.

I woke up early one morning and went to the yoga room. I started to learn a new routine from an exercise book that I bought. After lighting candles and stepping onto the mat, I immediately went back to a very basic yoga practice that I was taught during some private lessons the first year of my diagnosis. I did what felt right. I did what my body asked me to do. I did what my mind asked me to do. My yoga practice may strengthen my body and my mind but more importantly it helps me start a conversation with God. I don’t do yoga for the exercise.

I realized during that morning practice that yoga is the way I pray.


4 responses to “The Way I Pray

  1. Good luck with your new regime.

    Glad that the neuro agrees it is manageable without treating with steroids!

    I really want to start yoga, too. I was doing an excellent dvd called yogalates, a sort of East meets West thing, combining pilates and yoga. I should start that up again. But I really want to do some yoga, too. I need to find a prctitioner in my area. Wonder if there even is one.

    Do you ever go to Betty’s House, online?

  2. sorry things have been up and down, hope you feel better soon.

  3. I’m sorry you had some down things going on. I am really happy that you found your way back to yoga. I think that it is an important part of your health and happiness. You know that if there is anything we can do to help you be there, just ask…..even hinting will do. We love you and so want to help with whatever we can.

    M and D

  4. Denver Refashionista

    Yoga is key for me to. It very well might be the way I pray too.

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