I’m Back

I’m back to blogging, back to yoga, back to basics and back from Mexico.

We spent Christmas and New Years in Mexico and had a blast. I brought my new Yoga Mat with me and practiced a bit on the beach. We got up early almost every day and went to bed early. Our days were all about swimming, eating, reading and resting. We did travel to our new favorite place – Sayulita on two days and really enjoyed eating fresh shrimp on the beach, watching all the surfers and walking around town.

While I have been taking care of myself, I haven’t been as committed as usual for the past couple of months but a change is in the air. Sometimes you have to stop thinking about diet and exercise to have the energy to re-commit. I am so ready. I went to a yoga class this weekend. While I have a great yoga room at home and a nice personal practice, I was in need of instruction and inspiration. I hope to attend a few classes each week and get back in the gym. I love to watch Biggest Loser and as motivation to get to the gym, I downloaded the new Biggest Loser to my ipod and have promised myself that I can only watch it in the gym!

In an effort to get back to basics with my diet, I have cut most caffine except for green tea and an occasional Soy Cappuccino. I was on a daily Starbucks kick for a while and that has come to an end. I was also back on a few cokes a week through the holidays but that is over too. I am still not eating meat and am focusing on fresh fruit and veggies this week.

I recently participated in a Tysabri Teleconference and the topic was “New Year’s Resolutions, how MS patients are staying healthy in 2009.” Putting the presentation together really helped me put a good plan together. I will post that later this week.

To everyone that sent Christmas Cards and haven’t received one from me, they are not lost in the mail! That was one holiday tradition that did not happen this year, but stay tuned. I am thinking about a Valentines Day Card or Think Spring Card!! I really did appreciate hearing from so many of you and hope you know that I am thinking about you.

PS…I just had Tysabri infusion #19 and all is well.

Happy New Year!


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