It’s working

Something I am doing to fight MS seems to be working. I haven’t had a steroid infusion in over one year!


5 responses to “It’s working

  1. Denver Refashionista


  2. Congrats! That is just awesome.

  3. Yay! Me too! (Knock on wood.) I have to say in my case I know what that “something” is – getting my Tysabri.

    Thank you again for blogging about your experiences with MS. I know I’ve said it before, but if it weren’t for you, I would not have started Tysabri when I did and I’d probably still be getting solumedrol every couple of months. Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. I have added you to my Interesting Links list as I love your idea that you are trying to do something positive and not let MS get you. My blog is called “I’m not my disease” – it does not belong to me – I’m not my disease
    The rantings edited from what is going on inside my head about what is going on inside my body at any particular time. My focus is now turning to positive solutions to strengthen the immune system.
    There is a book about MS by an Australian Doctor – curing his MS – he believes in 15 minutes of sunlight every day and much more. I will try to find the title if you don’t know it. Good Luck

  5. Superb! Keep fighting and maybe we will all see this stinking disease beaten one day!

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