Long time no blog

My parents came over for Easter yesterday and my mom mentioned that some people she knew missed my blogging. I think that was a gentle hint to post something.

Sometimes readers comment but don’t leave an email address so I can respond and when they comment on prior posts, regular readers can’t respond either. The following comment was made on my post from Nov.21 2006 “Ain’t my Cross” (sorry I can’t figure out how to post a link on blogger these days but if you search the blog by date, it will come up.)

I understand when readers want to post anonymously but this comment deserves a response. Here is the comment:

“I’m sorry but I have to disagree a bit with your second group category. I have had MS for over 15 years and am currently on no medication. Oh, I tried them…Avonex twice and it was awful. As I assume you have researched that not all MSers are the same, experience the same symptoms, etc. I do not have symptoms for over 3 years and maintain a busy, physical life. I dislike your grouping because I do stay alert to MS research, receive daily MS alerts through google (how I found you), have many friends that I speak to weekly who have MS, etc. I refuse to think about MS every waking minute because I do not want it to be a part of my everyday life. I will not focus on this MonSter. I don’t ignore it but I don’t dwell on it. I see my neuro every 6 months. It is not my cross to bear. I was diagnosed when betaseron was available but one was put on a waiting list and I chose not to. I had a baby which I was advised not to because of the MS. If I had listened, I would not have my beautiful daughter. I am a happy, well-informed 40+ year old woman who has had MS for over 15 years but I will not let it be a part of my every day life with shots, etc. Everyone with MS is different and we should not be categorized. “

I was so glad to receive the above comment and agree completely. I am so happy that this reader has done well with no medication. (and would love to hear more about the things she does to live well with MS) I guess I didn’t mean to categorize individuals but I did mean to categorize their (our)behavior. I stand by my original post but clearly shouldn’t have narrowed MS patients down to two categories. When I wrote that post, those were the two types of MS patients that I had experience with. Over the past two and a half years, I have met and heard from many more, including this comment.

I guess the point is, that I am no expert…just finding my way with your help.


2 responses to “Long time no blog

  1. Denver Refashionista

    Well said.

  2. Thank you for posting – we missed you too. We check back often and get sad if there are no updates.

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