Go Team TLC

Team TLC is heading to Martha’s Vineyard for it’s third year of cycling and raising money to FIGHT MS. While I would love to be riding with my team, it wasn’t in the cards this year. My role on the team will be played out from Salt Lake City…cheering them on and helping them raise money. I know this is a tough year economically. One thing that does not slow down in a slow economy is MS progression. Those of us with MS cannot afford to lose precious research time and dollars. We need answers, we need help, we need a cure. You can help.

My Sister-in-Law, Anne Marie decided to help when she heard about my diagnosis. She helped me personally by researching alternative therapies, sending me great books and cds and letting me know she would be there for me. We don’t see each other much or even talk too much lately but I think of her every day and am grateful for all that she does. In an effort to help further, Anne Marie started Team TLC (Team who Loves Courtney), a cycling team to fight MS on Martha’s Vineyard. This is Team TLC’s third year on the Vineyard!! Please do what you can to support our team by visiting the following website. If you can’t click on it, paste it in your browser. (Or go to “TEAM TLC” under MS fundraising on the right side of this page.)


Not only can you donate on this page, but you can see a great picture of me and Mark with our bikes!! =)

MS does not slow down. We cannot slow down. Help Team TLC!! Help Me!! Fight MS!!!


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