Tysabri is MY miracle drug

I am pleased to announce that:

A. I tested negative for antibodies
B. Wednesday, I had my 23rd Tysabri infusion
C. I have yet to have any reaction except for mild mild mild stuff

Hearing about my test results was a dream but I knew I still had to convince my neuro to infuse. After discussing the options (no good ones), the positive effects of Tysabri in my experience and the fact that I was willing to put up with a week or two of my reaction symptoms, he agreed to move forward. He suggested a small dose of Solumedrol and I suggested NO dose of Solumedrol but agreed to consider it if I had a bad reaction.

I feel positive that my infusions will become easier and easier to handle.

So what changed?
For the past six months, my job has been tough, especially so in the past three months. That of course leads to stress, which leads to fatigue which leads to eating poorly which leads to not enough energy to exercise which leads to stress and so on and so on.

Somewhere in my mind, I must have been thinking that I could endure the stress and things that followed because Tysabri would protect me. My body on the other hand is fighting back and saying, “If you want me to handle this very powerful drug, you have to fight too”.

Now, Y’all know I am a fighter and that I know better than to work too much and to eat ice cream but I was so wrapped up in the craziness of things that I got lost. Even now, that I recognize it, I know I am still a little lost but coming out of it.

The best part is that today, I feel more like myself than I have in many months.

More to come on the diet changes I made before this last infusion and my favorite green juice recipe!


3 responses to “Tysabri is MY miracle drug

  1. I’m so happy for you! I know what you mean about falling off the wagon with healthy habits. My job has been stressful lately too. But I’m TRYING to respond by taking extra good care of myself with exercise, getting sleep, eating right. I just wish I could make time for yoga.

  2. That is so wonderful to hear Courtney, I’m happy you are able to continue with your Tysabri infusions 🙂

    I’m having my 34th Tysabri infusion this coming Wednesday and still no new lesions and no relapses since restarting Tysabri in October 2006…, my oh my – how time flies, woo hoo!

    Take care dearheart, all my best to you and yours…, Lauren 🙂

  3. Denver Refashionista

    Just remember to take it slow and leave time for yourself. I think that is the key to living well with MS.

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