Life is good

My home office is in place and my diet is completely clean. Life is good. I am optimistic about my infusion next week (June 2nd) because not only is my stress to a minimum but I have been sugar and flour free for more than ten days now and feel really good. I am eating fish, fruit, veggies and eggs. I will be adding bread and sweets back but in MODERATION. While I have rarely practiced this theory, I really believe that the first few (Two or three) bites of anything are the best. Can I have two or three tortilla chips or two or three bites of cheesecake or ice cream? I hate to exclude those yummy things forever but without moderation, they really don’t work for me.

We also planted our garden this week so I am looking forward to a summer full of fresh tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), basil and other yummy herbs.

While I don’t always follow my own advice, I still believe that food is the #1 factor in health or illness. What foods make you feel good? or bad? Have you noticed that what you eat, or don’t eat affects your MS?


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