Another Decade begins

On June 5th, I turn 40. I know 40 is not always something people look forward to but I cannot wait. My 30s were so much better than my 20’s and I can only be optimistic that my 40s will be even better than the 30s.

Some amazing things happened in my 30s…

I married the man of my dreams

I moved to Utah

I started raising a teenager

I discovered how much I love Mexico

I partied with my sister in Las Vegas

I celebrated friends birthdays in Del Ray and New Orleans

I was diagnosed with MS

I started a blog

I started a 1001 in 101 list

I spent more time with my parents

I lost 10 pounds

I rode 100 KM on my bike…in the rain

I told hundreds of people my MS story with
public speaking opportunities

I gave up meat

I ate only raw foods for 30 days

I launched a fine art photography biz

I made new friends and discovered friends from my past

I planted a garden with my husband

I adopted two cats and a dog

I slowed down (a little)

Come on 40s – Let the new decade begin!!


4 responses to “Another Decade begins

  1. happy early birthday! i’m excited for my forties too, though i’m nooot quite there yet. (i’ll be 38 on june 20th.)

  2. Wow! Hope my 30’s will be as good and productive as yours. I do have the pesky MS diagnosis out of the way already, so should be a breeze 😉 Love your attitude, I’m sure your 40’s will be as great as you expect them to be. Happy birthday for the 5th of June. May it be the start of a truly awesome decade.

  3. Congratulations…looks like a great site. Have fun with it.

    M and D

  4. For me, 40 has been a good year. I turn 41 in September so haven’t yet experienced much of this decade of life, but so far so good.

    BTW, made the move over. Hope you enjoy WordPress. I’ve thought about doing the same thing……but haven’t.

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