From Mexico

Just a quick post to thank you for your comments recently. There are some new people reading that I look forward to talking to. I am in Mexico until the weekend but will be in touch and posting comments soon!

Staying at a beautiful resort in Cabo thanks to my husband’s wonderful surprise for my 40th birthday. It is really hot here, but I am staying cool in the pool and eating lots of fresh fruit.

When I get back I will tell you about how certain things affect my MS like traveling, the heat and of course diet and exercise and change of routine.


One response to “From Mexico

  1. Hi, glad you’re having a wonderful treat in Mexico for your 40th b-day. This is my first time here, read about you in MSFocus mag. I’m an Internet “looker” more than a
    “talker”. Don’t do Chat rooms. I’ve had MS for 30 years, I’m 55yrs., no kids, retired to northern AZ. Use a walker & scooter, but stand to exercise every day. Just had Tysabri #39 & am getting nervous about that. Good luck in all you do.

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