I’m inspired

I should say, I am easily inspired. I love to read magazines, books, and websites about just about everything. I especially love to read and hear about MS, nutrition, fitness, finances, travel, and spirituality.

I am currently reading The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe. (again). I dabbled in a Raw Food Diet in October of 2006. This book always makes me think I am missing out by not being on a raw diet. More importantly, the book talks about the importance of beliefs, goals and faith. I have alot of all three of these things but love to learn how to make them all stronger and more relevant in my day to day life and relationships.

I am often inspired and take action from things that I hear or read. Yoga instructors inspire me, bloggers inspire me, entrepreneurs inspire me. Here are some of the things that inspire me and that I follow regularly:

These links inspire me to:

Raise Money for MS

Save Money

Keep Smiling with MS

Be grateful and creative

be a strong and informed advocate

go raw

cook compassionately

cook with reckless abandon

be smart and creative with money

have less stuff

have more happy

Information that inspires and informs is so important. There are times when I seek information and times when someone introduces me to  information. Sometimes I take this information as a suggestion, sometimes as a goal and sometimes I just let it pass me by.

I love having the option to take it or leave it.

I hope these links inspire, entertain and inform you!


3 responses to “I’m inspired

  1. I agree with you that information that inspires and informs is really important!!

  2. It’s good to be inspired:)

  3. Inspiration and humor. An unbeatable combination.

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