My new project

As some of you know, I am a project person. I like to think about new things to do and experience. Sometimes those thoughts turn into actions and sometimes they don’t.  I think my latest idea is going to turn into something big. It involves several things that I am CRAZY about.

I am working on a new photo collection that will directly benefit MS research. I am just getting started but think I will have the first few photos ready in less than two weeks.

I have a website Mackay Brooke where I launched my first collection but it may take some time to get the entire new collection there. That’s where Facebook comes in. I have always had a love/hate relationship with facebook and other social networking but now that I am starting to understand how to incorporate “social” into “business”, I am leaning more toward the love than the hate.

This weekend, I will have a new Facebook page.  This is where I will launch the new collection, three pieces at a time. I will let you know how to join my page and be the first to see RIDE.

MS stops people from moving. RIDE stops MS.


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