27 Down

I had my 27th Tysabri infusion on Wednesday.  I typically have my infusions in the morning and then take the afternoon off and go to sleep early.  I typically wake up feeling either ready to go or almost ready to go!

This past infusion, I was scheduled for late afternoon. I didn’t get home until after 6pm. When I woke up Thursday, I was draaggggging! I need more recovery time from the infusion and will aim to always have a morning appointment.

I was looking through a journal that I kept when I was first diagnosed and taking Rebif. I am sure my blog entries from that time are similar but wow, it was rough! While I tried to stay upbeat, the side effects that I experienced made it tough.

Some of the things I said:

“Rebif Sucks – Enough said!”

“I felt too tired to go for a walk”

“MS is here today, Tingly face and right arm are an annoying reminder”

“With a Rebif hangover, the hike was really hard”

“Headache and Neck Pain kept me out of work most of the day”

“I am shaking inside”

“Anti – Nausea Meds are kicking in”

“I feel drugged”

“I want to disappear and forget about everything. Forget about a positive attitude, forget about fighting, forget that my neck hurts, forget that my head hurts, forget I am tired, forget that there is a needle in my arm”

In between all of those observations were things like:

“I had a great massage today”

“So glad the weekend is here”

“Went to a football game, it was a blast”

“Getting up early tomorrow to ride”

“Had a great early morning walk with Mark, Bailey and Guinness”

“I am scared but will fight.”

“I will find a way to be healthy and strong so I can raise her to be healthy and strong”

“Tysabri is the answer if I don’t want to be sick anymore” – Sept. 15th 2006

“I am fully responsible for my own great health. My daily habits create my great health”

“I feel amazing and hopeful”

While I don’t have to live with the horrible side effects of Interferons anymore, I do sometimes have bad days or a bad attitude.

The good stuff far outweighs the bad….then and now.


One response to “27 Down

  1. The Tysabri sounds much better. I am going to start Copaxone next month. I chose it to try to stay away from the side effects.

    I asked about Tysabri but they told me I have to try something else first. Shucks!

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