Word of the day

When you receive an MS diagnosis, your doctor should also give you a special MS dictionary. When I was diagnosed, and for weeks and months following, I heard words that had no meaning to me. Some of them, I couldn’t even spell. Words like Myelin, Sclerosis, Interferon, methylprednisolone and cerebrospinal. There are more, but now after three years, I have become very familiar with words that are big and hard to spell, hard to pronounce and often hard to swallow.

This week, I found a new word (to me)….Leukapheresis. Here is a quick definition: Leukapheresis is a laboratory procedure in which white blood cells are separated from a sample of blood. This may be done to decrease a very high white blood cell count in individuals with cancer (leukemia) or to remove white blood cells for transfusion. (read more HERE)

The interesting thing is not that I found the word but in what context I found the word. There is a study going on in Seattle where they are using Leukapheresis in a study to reset the immune system in MS patients. From what I can gather, this has been studied before even as far back as 1999 (and maybe earlier). http://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00040482 details a study but no study results are listed. (not helpful).

What might be more helpful is to follow a patient who is currently taking part in the Leukapheresis study. You can do that here: http://mymsjournal.blogspot.com/


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  1. Wow, never heard of that.

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