The Power of Less

I may have talked about The Power of Less before or at least mentioned the author, Leo Babauta and his blog. I really admire Leo and embrace the lessons in his book. He makes great recommendations for simplifying life (business and personal). All of his suggestions equal a happier, healthier life in my opinion, and who doesn’t want that.

My approach to incorporating new healthy habits has typically been trying to adapt to twenty new things at once because I often want it all (right now!). Leo suggests a new way of forming habits with rules like, Do only one habit at a time. Choose an easy Goal. Be consistent. By the end of thirty days you will have a new habit. Hmmm, that is 12 new habits per year. I will usually attempt 43 new habits and end up with 1 or 2 per year.

My first attempt at Leo’s habit forming rules was with flossing. I started flossing every night on July 6th and haven’t missed a night since. (Don’t worry, I flossed before then just not regularly).

My next new habit starts tomorrow. 10 minutes of daily yoga. Yes, only ten minutes. (per my new mentor’s recommendation).  By Sept. 24th, I will have established two new daily habits (flossing and 10 minutes of yoga) and will be ready for habit #3.

Another reason, I think this book could be life changing is that the author lives by his words.  With his own approach, Leo has become a vegetarian, taken up running, eliminated debt, lost more than 40 pounds and simplified his life.

I would not hire a personal trainer who was out of shape or a financial advisor who was broke. I welcome and trust the lessons in The Power of Less.


One response to “The Power of Less

  1. go girl!! btw i have been flossing everyday for 14 years!!!!

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