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New image for theRIDEproject


Clean Diet and theRIDEproject update

bancaToday marks the first day of yet another clean eating phase for me. While I usually put a time limit on it, I don’t often have a good follow up plan. This time, I am hoping a month of clean eating (no white stuff) will parlay into a mostly vegan diet. While it always amazes me to see how clean eating affects my weight and skin and energy, I am really curious to see how it will affect my creativity.

I know many creative  types turn to booze or hallucinogenics or cutting off ears, but for me it will have to be green tea, spinach, apples and white fish! TheRIDEproject is almost ready for take off and I have great ideas for more images. I just reviewed a first draft of the website and I think final revisions will be done by the end of next week.

In the meantime, you can see updates on theRIDEproject Facebook page by clicking Here or watch for information on Twitter Here.

Have a great weekend and guess what I am shooting this weekend.

Great day

After a great day of cycling, yoga, relaxing by a mountainside pool and veggie sandwiches, I am sooooooooooooo relaxed. I could take a nap but feel too good to go to sleep.

I am spending the rest of the weekend putting together ideas for my new photography collection and really looking forward to it. Sign up on my Facebook page to see the new images. Just click here and then click “Become a fan”.


See new images at http://www.fstop2008

and please visit my new site http://www.mackaybrooke.com for fine art photography.